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Transforming Clean-Label Ingredients

into Clean-Table Meals.

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The Clean Table is seen exclusively on the Culinary Channel which is received by over 48 Million Viewers in over 22 Million Television Broadcast Households on Roku

and has an average of 3.1 Million monthly viewers and over 780,000 viewers each week.  The Culinary Channel has a 4.5 Rating on Roku and is also available to 8 Million viewers in Canada and over 14 Million viewers in the UK. 


You can learn more about the Culinary Channel on Roku here:

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Chef Stephanie Petersen is an accomplished 4-time nationally published cookbook author, former 2-season Celebrity Chef on the Heartland Network Las Vegas and former Fox News Radio personality in Phoenix.


Since 2008 she been cooking and teaching thousands of people how to create culinary masterpieces through her blog including an

extensive exploration of her daily life making whole

foods on a budget. Now she is now the Corporate

Executive Chef for Panhandle Milling. In this role, she

is a corporate-level blogger and food photography who

develops recipes for nationally branded flours and

mixes. She regularly travels throughout the southwest

providing hands-on technical baking science support

for customers of Panhandle Milling and is actively

involved in R&D for the company. 


Stephanie is also the Vice President of the Board of

Directors for the Home Baking Association ( overseeing programming that directly impacts 4 million culinary arts and baking instructors nationwide. 


Stephanie and her husband of 24 years reside in northern Arizona along with their 2 children where they grow most of their own food.  She enjoys solar and alternative cooking and finding new ways every single day to incorporate whole foods into her life.

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