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The Latino Foods Television Network

Taught at the apron strings of her Mother and Grand Mother, Helen is a Guatemalan-born wife, mother and family chef, teaching her family and the world that Latin food is not only tasty but it can be healthy as well.  Chef Helen interests comes from highlighting indigenous Guatemalan ingredients and flavors that date back to the Mayan and Aztec eras.     

The land that we call Guatemala was once part of the great Maya civilization that stretched from Mexico all the way into Honduras, Belize, and El Salvador.  While this civilization began to decline because of European influences somewhere around 800 BC, their flavors are still very much tangible in modern day Guatemala culture and food.  

Now cooking for her husband and children here in the United States, Chef Helen is now more than ever interested in promoting healthy Latin cooking to the Hispanic community here in the United States and shares that through her Spanish-language television show - Chef Helen.   Her show has become synonymous with the ancient health benefits of indigenous Guatemalan cuisine which includes great amounts of fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken and clean-label ingredients.  

In Guatemala, there is a nutrition transition that is occurring among its non-indigenous and indigenous populations.   Their traditional vegetable-based diets are being abandoned for fast food alternatives.  The same has been happening here in the United States for decades.  Chef Helen's goal is to turn that around and help the Latino community enjoy a healthier lifestyle through the life-changing benefits of clean-label ingredients and the vegetables and fruits we are surrounded by.

Chef Helen believes at its most basic level, our diets should have fewer and simpler ingredients.   This means moving away from highly processed ingredients which she believes makes way for tastier meals.   These new clean-label practices are really getting back to the basics of what old-world Guatemalan cooking was all about, unlocking the ancient health benefits of a Guatemalan clean-label diet.  .   From Pizzas & Empanadas to Salads and Soups, healthy meals can be created at home for your family with very little effort.

TeleAntojos, the Latino Foods "Cravings" Network, is a new television network showcasing some of the best Latino Chefs in the United States, Guatemala, Mexico and Latin America.  This is authentic Latino cuisine which is healthy, tasty and easy to make.

TeleAntojos is seen on the Culinary Channel in the following countries:

United States        3.1 Million Viewers
Guatemala            44,000 Viewers
Mexico                  36,000 Viewers
El Salvador            2,200 Viewers

Program Hosts and Chefs


Enseñada en los hilos del delantal de su madre y  abuela, Helen es una esposa, madre y chef de familia nacida en Guatemala, y le enseña a su familia y al mundo que la comida latina no solo es sabrosa sino que también puede ser saludable. Los intereses de la chef Helen provienen de resaltar los ingredientes y sabores indígenas guatemaltecos que se remontan a las épocas maya y azteca.

La tierra que llamamos Guatemala fue una vez parte de la gran civilización maya que se extendía desde México hasta Honduras, Belice y El Salvador. Si bien esta civilización comenzó a declinar debido a las influencias europeas en algún lugar alrededor del 800 a. C., sus sabores aún son muy tangibles en la cultura y la comida de Guatemala de hoy en día.

Ahora cocinando para su esposo e hijos aquí en los Estados Unidos, la Chef Helen ahora está más interesada que nunca en promover la cocina latina saludable entre la comunidad hispana aquí en los Estados Unidos y lo comparte a través de su programa de televisión en español, Chef Helen. Su espectáculo se ha convertido en sinónimo de los antiguos beneficios para la salud de la cocina indígena guatemalteca, que incluye grandes cantidades de frutas, verduras, pescado, pollo e ingredientes de etiqueta limpia.

En Guatemala, se está produciendo una transición nutricional entre sus poblaciones indígenas y no indígenas. Sus dietas tradicionales basadas en vegetales están siendo abandonadas por alternativas de comida rápida. Lo mismo ha estado sucediendo aquí en los Estados Unidos durante décadas. El objetivo de Chef Helen es cambiar eso y ayudar a la comunidad latina a disfrutar de un estilo de vida más saludable a través de los beneficios que cambian la vida de los ingredientes de etiqueta limpia y las verduras y frutas que nos rodean.

La chef Helen cree que, en su nivel más básico, nuestras dietas deberían tener menos ingredientes y más simples. Esto significa alejarse de los ingredientes altamente procesados ​​que, según ella, dan paso a comidas más sabrosas. Estas nuevas prácticas de etiqueta limpia realmente están volviendo a lo básico de lo que era la cocina guatemalteca del viejo mundo, desbloqueando los antiguos beneficios para la salud de una dieta guatemalteca de etiqueta limpia.

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Mama Martinez

From My Ranch To Your Kitchen

Mama Martinez - De mi Rancho a Tu Cocina


Mama Martinez brings us authentic Mexican food prepared on her ranch in Mexico in an outdoor kitchen with a wood-fired oven. 


From fiesta foods to the basics of tasty rice and beans, Mama Martinez gives us step-by-step instructions how to put smiles on the faces of our hungry family members and friends.


Mama Martinez brings with her to TeleAntojos, 3.6 Million loyal subscribers on YouTube and 5.8 Million followers on Facebook.



Sweet y Salado

Chef Diana

Mama Martinez - De mi Rancho a Tu Cocina


Chef Diana was born in Colombia but grew up in the United States.  She  stays close to her culture through its.  


Each week she shares different kinds of easy and delicious recipes, sweet and salty.  She has a bilingual blog and considers herself a bicultural woman and self-taught chef.


Chef Diana brings with her to TeleAntojos, 126 Million loyal subscribers on YouTube and 35,000 followers on Facebook.



Abuela's Kitchen

Chef Abuela and Grand Daughter Silvia


Chef Abuela, assisted by her grand daughter Silvia, brings us authentic Mexican cuisine. 


Chef Abuela brings with her to TeleAntojos, 1 Million loyal subscribers on YouTube and 22,000 followers on Facebook.

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