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Restaurant Reviews

Since our first Restaurant Review for MTV in 1988, we have reviewed and televised over 450 restaurants across the nation.  The process is fun and quite painless:

• Send us the contact information for the restaurant you would like for us to consider for a review.

• We will research the restaurant and should we decide to move forward with a review, we will contact the restaurant and let them know you submitted their name for the review.

• We will schedule the review with the restaurant directly.  Please do not try to schedule the review for us.

• Once we have scheduled the review, we will contact you or your rep in case they would like to be present for the review and possibly be included in the review as well.

• There is no charge to either the supplier or the restaurant for the review we produce and air.

• We can also provide the supplier and the restaurant owner with a link to the segment in case they would like to share it on their website or social media - also at no charge.

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Thank you for submitting a restaurant for
The Restaurant Review!

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