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Press Release - LUX Magazine

January 20, 2020
London England
Culinary-TV Receives Prestigious Award (second year in a row)


In their 2020 Business Excellence Awards banquet, LUX Magazine has recognized Culinary-TV for the second year in a row with their Excellence in Broadcasting Award for 2019.   LUX is the global luxury magazine, established in 2001 based out of London but read and sold throughout the world. 


LUX contributors are drawn from the “zero point one percent” of global lifestyle opinion formers and include CEOs, luxury sector owners, designers, entrepreneurs, and creative directors, as well as journalists and editors in different locations. LUX covers hard and soft luxury, culinary trends, fashion, retail, art, entertainment, design and travel.


"We are honored and quite surprised to receive such a recognition," says Executive Producer Bill Rogers.  "Our television show covers a

wide variety of cuisine from sandwiches

and tacos to filet mignon but our main

focus has always been: tastes,

techniques and culinary tools."


Culinary-TV was featured in the

December print issue of LUX magazine.

LUX magazine is published twice a year

in print, and year-round online. The print

magazine is sold on newsstands in New

York City, London, Paris and other world

capitals, and major airports. It is also

distributed in luxury hotel suites, first

class and private jet lounges, and UHNWI

events in Europe and North America. 

The print magazine is published twice a

year in December and June and is

designed by the award-winning Young

Journeymen Studio. The online edition

is refreshed and updated on a weekly

basis and includes special series

including Luxury Leaders and the

Editor’s Commentary.

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