Television That Tastes Good.


 Television That Tastes Good.

Food - It feeds the soul, fuels the body, affects the environment, inspires artists, influences politics and impacts


just about every part of our lives.   No matter if you are a Chef, a True Foodie or a Restaurateur, Culinary-TV  has something for everyone.   We bring  you the latest in Innovations, Tastes and Dining Destinations each week.   Each food has a story of its own.  and each week we explore the tastes, the cultures and the histories of food, kitchens and their chefs. 


Food can tell us a lot about a society in the past and the present, including what people lived on and how they managed to create a food supply, often in difficult circumstances.  Today - We can accomplish those same artisan tastes by using modern technology and old world craftsmanship.


Culinary-TV is received by over 48 Million Viewers in Over 22 Million Television Broadcast Households with an Average of 3.1 Million Viewers per Month / 780,000 Viewers Each Week.  Click HERE for Audience Numbers.

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