Television That Tastes Good.


 Television That Tastes Good.

Food - It feeds the soul, fuels the body, affects the environment, inspires artists, influences politics and impacts


just about every part of our lives.   No matter if you are a Chef, a True Foodie or a Restaurateur, Culinary-TV  has something for everyone.   We bring  you the latest in Innovations, Tastes and Dining Destinations each week.   Each food has a story of its own.  and each week we explore the tastes, the cultures and the histories of food, kitchens and their chefs. 


Food can tell us a lot about a society in the past and the present, including what people lived on and how they managed to create a food supply, often in difficult circumstances.  Today - We can accomplish those same artisan tastes by using modern technology and old world craftsmanship.


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Although Culinary-TV is a flavor-centric television show, we get a chance to work with a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs in the food and restaurant industry.  That means we're also a business-centric television show. 


One of the surprising elements we have discovered with entrepreneurs is that they treat profit like it's an event on their calendar that will eventually take place.  That's completely backwards.  Profit is why you started your business.  Profit is what fuels your dreams of helping others and contributing to society.   Again, profit is why you began this journey.

On my radar the past couple of years has been a turn-key business, a wood-fired mobile pizza oven manufactured by Fire Within out of Denver, Colorado (    

Having talked with a number of Fire Within owners, I have discovered that their entire approach is about making their owners a success.   They give their owners the tools and the training to make their business profitable.  They coach you and mentor you and have even created an entire community of Fire Within owners so you can trade ideas and learn from each other.   This is quite different from the franchise approach who always has their hand out for their monthly payment.  With Fire Within, you are the boss, there are no franchising

fees to bog you down and you decide where to set up shop.

Ajith Dharma is the CEO of Fire Within whom I've met on a couple of occasions and whom we've also had on our

show.  Mr. Dharma has developed an entire culture around making a successful business through his wood-fired

mobile pizza ovens.  The secret to his success is a fraternity of friends who are giants in the industry that are

leading the way in bread making, oven technology and successful pizzerias.  

His altruistic approach to life also makes him the perfect mentor to entrepreneurs and business owners alike.  

Through his Wood-Fired University and many other resources he has developed, it's easy to see that his goal is to

make these owners a success.

I'm very impressed with Ajith Dharma's entire operation and it's without any reservation that I  recommend

Fire Within to entrepreneurial chefs or existing restaurants looking to develop an extra stream of revenue with

a focus on profit.

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