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 Television That Tastes Good.

Food - It feeds the soul, fuels the body, affects the environment, inspires artists, influences politics and impacts


just about every part of our lives.   No matter if you are a Chef, a True Foodie or a Restaurateur, Culinary-TV  has something for everyone.   We bring  you the latest in Innovations, Tastes and Dining Destinations each week.   Each food has a story of its own.  and each week we explore the tastes, the cultures and the histories of food, kitchens and their chefs. 


Christy Rost Returning in 2022

on The Culinary Channel

After a great 2021 Fall season on the Culinary Channel, beloved PBS chef and host Christy Rost is back for more in 2022.   There will be great new recipes and big culinary surprises.


This is an exciting new series with a very dynamic chef that knows her way around the kitchen,” said Culinary Channel Executive Producer Bill Rogers. “Christy has a passion for cooking and relates well not only to baby boomers but to all key demos alike.

​Rost is the author of three cookbooks and a television and radio personality who’s passionately dedicated to the celebration of home and family. Her focus on sustainability, farm-to-plate and cooking with local ingredients is heavily influenced by living in the American West.


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